About Us

Hands on, farm experiences

Kiwi Valley Farm Park was originally created back in 2001. Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Henderson Valley, Kiwi Valley is a lifestyle farm that was created with the intention of providing a hands on, real-life experience to children and adults living in the city.


Interactive and educated on our
New Zealand farm animals

Having a farm situated so conveniently within Auckland City, created an opportunity to offer an experience to all. Many children have often only seen or owned one of your typical household animals. Kiwi Valley Farm Park provides a safe, friendly and fun environment for all people to enjoy the fresh country air with our wonderful farm animals!


Team Profiles


Ben and Crystal

Owners and Directors

Ben spent the majority of his childhood growing up and working with the original owners and their children here at Kiwi Valley Farm Park.

In 2006, Ben and Crystal purchased Old MacDonald’s Mobile Farm and built it up from a one vehicle operation, to a four vehicle fleet. They sold this business in 2012 and were lucky enough to purchase Kiwi Valley in 2013 to continue on with its purpose. Together they have HUGE vision for the farm and want to promote a safe, fun and hands on interactive learning experience, not only for children, but for adults too!

Ben also works in the NZ Film Industry and Crystal is a fully qualified and registered Paramedic with St John Ambulance.

You will often see them out and about in various areas of the farm, whilst
wrangling their children too !



General Farm Hand

Hey! I'm Farmer Kiara - (Key-are-ah)
Organically grown and freshly imported from South African soil.
At a ripe age, I grew into a deep love and respect for the farmlands that I have worked and trekked, as well as the animals who call it home.
Whilst studying Psychology and English,
I spent 5 years at Woodridge College and Preparatory School as an equestrian coach and assistant manager, as well as competing myself at a national level in Western Mounted Games; on my handsome palomino, Golden.
I occasionally speak Afrikaans, forgetting where I am, and when I say "now now," It means that I'll get to it as soon as I can. At times I'll still say: "Howzit!?" (Hey how you doing) and then wonder why I don't get a response haha!
Kiwi Valley offers me a more intimate working relationship with a wide variety of animals, giving me the chance to learn more about the species whom I have experience with; and quenching my thirst to learn about the ones I don't!
You will usually find me all about the farm: tractor rides, stables and the nursery shed, or somewhere in between!
I look forward to building relationships with our awesome customers, so don't be shy to come find me to say Howzit, and teach me a thing or two about your stomping grounds of New Zealand!



Small Animal Farm Hand

New Small Animal Farm Hand just landed!


Profile picture and info coming soon!



Front of House and Bookings Coordinator


Stable Assistant

Profile picture and info coming soon!