About Us

Hands on, farm experiences

Kiwi Valley Farm Park was originally created back in 2001. Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Henderson Valley, Kiwi Valley is a 20 acre farm that was created with the intention of providing a hands on, real-life experience to children and adults living in the city.


Interactive and educated on our
New Zealand farm animals

Having a farm situated so conveniently within Auckland City, created an opportunity to offer an experience to all. Many children have often only seen or owned one of your typical household animals. Kiwi Valley Farm Park provides a safe, friendly and fun environment for all people to enjoy the fresh country air with our wonderful farm animals!


Team Profiles


Ben and Crystal Dun

Owners and Directors

Ben spent the majority of his childhood growing up and working with the original owners and their children here at Kiwi Valley Farm Park.

In 2006, Ben and Crystal purchased Old MacDonald’s Mobile Farm and built it up from a one vehicle operation, to a four vehicle fleet. They sold this business in 2012 and were lucky enough to purchase Kiwi Valley in 2013 to continue on with its purpose. Together they have HUGE vision for the farm and want to promote a safe, fun and hands on interactive learning experience, not only for children, but for adults too!

Ben also works in the NZ Film Industry and Crystal is a fully qualified and registered Paramedic with St John Ambulance.

You will often see them out and about in various areas of the farm, whilst
wrangling their children too !




Born and raised in Henderson Valley, Sian has fond memories of her first horse riding lessons at Kiwi Valley when she was 8 years old. Sian continued riding throughout her childhood and into her teenage years, owning her own horse and attending Pony Club. For much of the last five years Sian has lived in Northern California, managing an Equestrian Program for a children’s Summer Camp. Sian loves to facilitate any kind of connection between people and horses, if you aren’t quite ready for a ride she will happily show you how to pat the horses or tell you some fun facts about the members of our herd. When she’s not at the farm you will find her at the beach, camping, hiking or a combination of all three.



General Farm Hand and Small Breed Handler
Born and raised in West Auckland, Deana has always been surrounded with animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds. When she wasn’t spending time with her animals, she would be found outside fishing or bushwalking with her Dad.


Towards the end of Deana’s school years, she was lucky enough to get work experience at Kiwi Valley through a Gateway Programme that was run at our School and has never left!
Deana supports Kiwi Valley in many different roles here, you will find her in the Nursery Shed, at the Horse Stables or outside immersing herself in farm jobs!
Deana is our Team Leader of our Nursery Shed and with this, she oversee’s our breeding programme of our small breed animals and manages their day to day needs.


21c Farmer

The youngest of six siblings, Shane grew up around the East Coast Bays of Auckland’s North Shore. He grew up with cats and dogs, which is where his love for animals came from. When he was 25, he moved to the Coromandel and spent seven years working on a Kiwi Fruit Orchard. It was here that he developed a passion for horticulture and working in the outdoors. This passion has since been transferred to Kiwi Valley where he can be found running birthday parties, giving tractor rides and taking care of the animals. When not on the farm, he can be found working on his vegetable garden or playing with his niece and nephews!