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Useful tips before your visit


Here are some examples of how to hold and feed our animals correctly…

  • Don’t wear high-heels or white shoes. Covered and flat dark shoes or gumboots are most appropriate. 
  • Use quiet voices around the animals. Although the animals have this exposure daily, loud and unexpected noises can still give them frights.
  • Alpacas spit when they feel threatened or are being territorial, so it’s probably best you hang your white t-shirt back up!
  • The New Zealand sun can be an absolute treat. It can also be very nasty. So if you’re planning a day out on the farm, lather yourselves in sunscreen before you arrive, and keep applying throughout the day. (Sunscreen is available to purchase at the front reception).
  • There are admission fees to enter the farm, unfortunately it is not free, so don’t forget your wallet. (Full fees found on our ‘Hours & admissions’ page).
  • Stay hydrated! Bring a big drink for walking around the farm. (Drinks can be purchased from our on-site cafe. Drinking fountains also on the farm).
  • Be gentle with the animals in the nursery shed. They are small and can get injured easily from rough handling. Please ask our farm staff or volunteers to show you how to hold them properly.
  • Keep in mind that all animals are unpredictable. (Please refer to our ‘Disclaimer’ page).
  • Out on the farm you will find uneven surfaces, so take your time.
  • Please don’t chase the birds, they might turn around and chase you back.
  • Kiwi Valley is a smoke-free farm park however if you can’t wait you can smoke in the main car park area.
  • There are bins throughout the farm and this is the best place for rubbish and feed containers. Please don’t throw them in the paddocks as this becomes a hazard for the animals.
  • Heading down for a tractor ride? You will see a board with the next tractor ride time on it, so wait at the labelled ‘tractor platform’ until the farmer calls you aboard.