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Feedback & Comments

“The staff throughout were friendly and helpful and it really shows they love animals! Had the best day. Daughter loved pony rides!”

Michelle 12/10/2019

“What a wonderful experience. Loved every moment – adults and kids alike!”

Marnie, 12/10/2019

“4th visit, as usual, your volunteers are amazing! Girls in the petting area are so obliging, informative and patient. Horse ladies – safety conscious, caring and aware of littlies waiting in line. Tractor driver funny and informative. Your volunteers are an absolute credit to a 5 star facility!”

Katie, 11/10/2019

“Very cool place, well maintained, nice to see new things, friendly staff, 5 stars

Petrina, 11/10/2019

“Great day thank you. Staff were awesome, friendly and professional.”

Leticia, 11/10/2019

Love coming here.¬†Great for city kids who don’t get to be near animals or farm environments. Thank you.”

EJ, 11/10/2019

“Staff are completely fantastic!! We had so much fun. Thank you ūüôā ”

Rachel, 10/10/2019

This place is just fantastic. The staff and volunteers are amazing. My autistic daughter is in awe of this place. Thank you, well worth the drive

Ash, 10/10/2019

“Great staff. Overall an awesome experience!!!

Heloise, 7/10/2019

“My kids say “This is one of the funnest places in the world!”

Helen, 7/10/2019

“Great day to spend a day rain or shine!”

Saana, 3/10/2019

We loved everything! Friendly staff and so many animals.”

Jo, 09/05/2019.

“An awesome experience. No further suggestions. Kat- tractor driver is delightful and great personality.”

Loraine, 09/05/2019.

Wonderful that all activities are included in the entrance fee and including food. Volunteers and staff very friendly.”

Alison, 05/05/2019.

Horse rides were exceptionally well managed. Enjoyed all there was to do and had loads of fun.”

Justin, 05/05/2019.

“Great for kids day during holidays. Thanks for all the great activities.”

Marie, 27/04/2019

“Lovely staff, from reception to the young helpers-¬†absolutely awesome. Thanks.”

Annon, 01/04/2019.

“Fabulous- so well thought out- high 5! Love it.”

Annemieke, 30/03/2019.

We love Kiwi Valley– especially the fact tall the staff are so friendly + welcoming.”

Sophia, 06/03/2019.

“Second time here and loved it. Please keep doing what you do. Your volunteers, despite their young years, are so helpful and friendly- a real credit to them and you.”

Emma, 23/02/2019.

“Great place to bring the grandchildren! Well done with all the latest improvements.”

Davis family, 03/02/2019.

“A fun interactive hands-on experience for the whole family. Lots of variety of activities.¬†Enjoy reading informative facts about the different animals- very educational. Lovely spacious cafe and farm.”

Linda, 31/01/2019.

“An awesome experience! Allowing our tamariki with farm animals.¬†Highly recommend!!¬†Tu Meke!”

Trixie, 26/01/2019.

“Fantastic.¬†All staff super friendly, happy and efficient.¬†A credit to Kiwi Valley.”

Melissa, 16/01/2019.

“We have been here before but today was¬†amazing. We saw¬†so many improvements along our visit. We done guys. Highly recommended. See you next time!!!”

Karin, 16/01/2019.

One of the best farm parks I’ve been to. Staff friendly and volunteers were so kind and helpful. Made our day!”

Gillien, 13/01/2019.

“We absolutely love coming to Kiwi Valley Farm. Every time the improvements are amazing.

Mandy, 10/01/2019.

“We have had a fantastic day. Loved the fun-facts and how children of all ages could get involved. We thought that the price was fair and what was even better was that everything was included.

Ella, 08/01/2019.

The staff and volunteers here are exceptional. They make the experience patient, friendly, nothing is too much trouble. My daughter sat and held the animals the whole time and all volunteers were AMAZING.”

Jade, 07/01/2019.

Honestly amazing. Easy to follow. Every single staff member was super welcoming and friendly. All animals were also friendly.”

Geo, 03/01/2019.

“Great job guys. We LOVED it. Will def be back and bring friends and family with us. Keep up with the awesome work.”

Janine, 02/01/2019.

Honestly amazing. Easy to follow. Every single staff member is super welcoming and friendly. All animals also friendly. “

Geo, 03/01/2019.

“Hi Alley, I didn’t get to say thank you personally to you for organising the party today.¬† Thank you so much, the girls all had a wonderful time at the farm.¬† I couldn’t be happier, Kiwi Valley’s a wonderful place with some lovely animals and skillful farmers!¬† Keep up the great work!”

Meg, 02/12/2018.

“We had so so much fun! Loved the small animals and the horse rides! Such an amazing day! Thanks so much.”

Zoe, 16/11/2018.

“We think this is a fun place and the helpers are very helpful and polite!”

Scott, 10/11/2018.

“Best day out!! My 2 daughters love this place and the staff are SO friendly and helpful.¬†Don’t change a thing.¬†You guys rock! xx”

Carly, 14/10/2018.

We are loving all the new upgrades, toilets, drinking fountain and rubbish/recycling/feed container collection. Also moving from plastic feeding bags to recyclable containers. Well done!”

Zandi, 10/10/2018.

Fantastic place!! Love feeding the animals and petting the bunnies and guinea pigs!!”

Mel, 09/09/2018.

“It had been a little while since we had visited Kiwi Valley Farm but this visit left me wondering why we haven’t been back sooner. Our drive up the recently paved driveway and our friendly greeting at the counter set the tone for what was an awesome day for our family. All of the staff and volunteers we encountered were friendly and helpful and great with the kids which is always a good sign. The new sandpit area opposite the horses is a great addition and my kids spent quite some time in there. Other favourites for our family include the horse rides, tractor rides and on this particular visit – feeding the the super fluffy brown Alpaca outside the small animal area. Thank you Kiwi Valley for continuing to make little improvements to your already awesome park, we will definitely be back sooner rather than later.”

Jen, 13/08/2018.

Really well organised. All activities are very engaging. Lots of varied things to do.”

Annon, 17/06/2018.

“Kiwi Valley is an¬†amazing place to visit¬†for both adults and kids. We love it here and staff are so friendly and welcoming.”

Tammy, 16/06/2018.

Excellent staff. Good experience for children.”

Annon, 10/06/2018.

“Awesome place. Found the¬†staff super friendly¬†and helpful!! Keep up the good work team.”

Tim, 07/01/2018.

“My wife and I took our 20 month old daughter to kiwi valley today, it was the first time we’d been and we had such a good time! It’s such a nice place, and is rare to find places like this these days. We’d like to say thank you to all the amazing young volunteers who work at kiwi valley, they were all lovely, super friendly, very helpful and all great with the really young children visiting, we couldn’t speak more highly of them! Thank you to all the friendly animals too, they made our daughters day! (And ours too, by seeing how much fun she was having).”

Gavin, 21/10/2017.

“Thank you all for such an awesome day (even though it was raining). ¬†Everyone had a blast! ¬†I have not seen so many kids wear gumboots before.

Thank you for the kind hospitality. ¬†It was a great place to hold a 5 year old birthday! ¬†I’m glad I found Kiwi Valley!

Thank you again for hosting so many of us. ”

Tiffany’s family, 09/07/2017.

“Awesome day.¬†The staff were mean (cool). We had 6 lil ones 2 x under 3 year, a 5 year, 7 year and 11 year old. All enjoyed the experience… Thank you for the¬†memorable day.”

Annon, 02/2017.

Awesome changes¬†since our last visit! We love this place.”

Marnie, 04/03/2017.

“What a¬†fantastic family friendly¬†activity. We’ll be back next time we’re in Auckland.¬†5 stars!

Annon, 04/05/2017.

“Thank you so much. My boys loved it today. We came for my boys 4th birthday.¬†Definitely coming back!”

Annon, 04/05/2017.

“Really fun. The horse ride¬†volunteers particularly friendly¬†and helpful!”

Lynn, 14/04/2017.

“Staff so friendly!¬†Lovely, fun environment. 18 month old loved it… Especially the tractors!”

Rachael, 30/01/2017.

“Amazing place. Staff friendly + helpful. Horse rides = the best!¬†Very impressed.”

Annon, 30/01/2017.

“You guys are amazing!¬†The price is too low, we would gladly pay more!”

Liz, 17/01/2017.

“A wonderful,¬†engaging experience, run by a friendly team of staff- well done!”

Annon, 14/01/2017.

“Thank you! We come regularly with our 2 children (5 & 8) and simply love it. Your¬†staff are friendly and patient¬†and the¬†grounds are so beautiful. Thank you!”

Nathalie, 11/01/2017.

“We love this place!¬†Layout is great, staff ultra friendly and welcoming. Love the animal interaction!”

Annon, 11/01/2017.

“I really enjoyed Kiwi Valley.¬†I recommended it to all my friends¬†and I will definitely come back!”

Annon, 06/01/2017.

“We chose Kiwi Valley from combined personal experience of the teachers as well as the educational programme on offer, ‘The Amaz’n Farm Experience Tour’.¬†We were certainly not disappointed!

Under the excellent and well organised guidance of Farmer Will and Tara on the day, the children were engaged and enthusiastic from start to finish.

Your staff were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. With so many children we were very impressed at the initial arrangements with Alley whose¬†attention to detail is fantastic¬†through to the hands-on tour…

The parents that accompanied us remarked how wonderfully relaxed the trip was and how well behaved the children were- this is¬†reflective of your programme being effectively tailored¬†to their learning needs. We were very appreciative, as were the students and parents, of the free child entry voucher at the end. A generous finishing touch!”

Maria, 28/11/2016.

“Absolutely amazing! Great for kids and adults, friendly staff, great price and lots to do. Great facilities.¬†100% perfect.”

Katie, 16/10/2016.

“Love it here,¬†so hands-on. My sons always have so much fun!”

Nikki, 21/10/2016.

Fantastic!¬†More interactive than the zoo.¬†Perfect for toddlers¬†and parents.”

Nicole, 19/09/2016.

“Awesome place to take kids of all ages and the¬†staff are just amazing! Also went to a birthday party recently in the barn and it was the¬†best birthday venue I’ve been to. Not rushed – use of bbq – under cover – lovely helpful staff!!¬†Great team of people, thanks for the great experience.”

Sarah, 08/10/2016.

“You really do have¬†unique¬†volunteers and staff up there.¬† To have the enthusiasm that your younger volunteers have really¬†speaks volumes of the type of business that Kiwi Valley is. I was especially impressed with the staff at the pony rides.¬† I was amazed that one of the younger members fitted my three year old and 18 month old out with a helmet correctly.¬†Your staff member actually used the tightener at the back of the helmet to ensure that my sons had the best fit they possibly could. Talking to Farmer Crystal about the pig and her babies, and having her say goodbye to both my boys, using their names really made them feel special. We had such a beautiful family outing, and I felt it important that you and your staff know, that each and every interaction we had made our day fabulous, and you should all be¬†really proud of yourselves¬†for having such a¬†spectacular team.”

Katie, 08/06/2016.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Farmer Ben and the wonderful boys and girls who make Kiwi Valley such a¬†fantastic place¬†to visit and play.¬†Emalie’s birthday was so amazing, the decorations and set up were¬†more than what I could have ever expected¬†so thank you.¬† All the kids and parents really enjoyed the day. A birthday that will always be remembered.”

Michelle, 16/05/2016.

“Just wanted to say a¬†massive¬†thank you to you and all the team at Kiwi Valley for the most amazing birthday party yesterday. Zach had a fantastic time – so much so he insisted on wearing his entry sticker for the rest of the day, on his pyjamas last night, and on his shirt again this morning! All the kids enjoyed it, and¬†you made it very easy on us¬†and the rest of the parents! ¬†Getting the vouchers so we can all come back just topped off the day.”

Cath, 15/05/2016. 

“Excellent volunteers- So¬†patient, courteous and helpful. Great with my young kids!”

Bianca, 26/04/2016.

“Absolutely brilliant service.¬†I couldn’t rate the staff high enough.

Thank you for making a perfect day.”

Emma, 05/02/2014.

“We¬†love¬†how helpful all of the young volunteers are!”

Cat, 06/03/2016.

“I visited Kiwi Valley last Sunday with my 5 year old daughter and would just like to say a thank you to a young volunteer. She was awesome with my daughter who is a bit of a chatter box. First she was talking with my daughter while holding the rabbits and then later in the day while horse riding, and again this volunteer was awesome.¬†I could see she has a genuine interest in kids and definitely with animals. Totally enjoyed her day there last Sunday with the help/patience of all your staff/volunteers but especially that one girl, so thank you and hope she’s there next time I bring my daughter which will be again very soon.”

 Stu, 15/04/2016.