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The creation of Kiwi Valley:

Kiwi Valley was originally created by Kathy and Larry Park many years ago! It began with them owning and operating the mobile farmyard called “Old MacDonald’s Travelling Farmyard” with their three children for 12 years. Kiwi Valley was created to deliver a hands on, real farm life experience to children and parents living in the city. Having a farm situated so conveniently within Auckland City, created opportunity for those who may have ever only seen or owned your typical household animal, being a cat, dog or bird before, a place where they can become interactive and educated on our New Zealand farm animals in a FUN environment!

Kiwi Valley Farm Park

Ben and Crystal Dun:

Farm Directors

Ben spent the majority of his childhood working and growing up with Kathy and Larry’s kids here on the farm. In 2006, we bought Old MacDonald’s Mobile Farm and built it up from a one vehicle operation to a four vehicle fleet! During this time, Ben also worked full time within the NZ Film Industry as Unit and Transportation Manager and Crystal was immersing herself in her University studies of a Nursing degree and then onto a Bachelor Health Sciences majoring in Intensive Care Paramedics. Crystal works as a Paramedic with St John Ambulance in West Auckland. She wears many hats though! You will also see her out running the farm, she does a lot of work behind the scenes and all while wrangling 3 children! Farmer Ben is often found out on the farm, driving Spud the tractor. He still works on the Film Sets and in his moments of spare time, you find him learning how to plait the girls hair, playing hide and seek, being the pony for the kids, or singing nursery rhymes!

In 2012, Ben and Crystal were lucky enough to purchase Kiwi Valley and continue its story and purpose. In September 2013, they welcomed their first daughter Harper into this world, our second daughter Denvah, born April 2015 and a third beautiful daughter, Inarra, born November 2016. As a young married couple, they are determined to put bundles of our energy and hard-working ethics into promoting the success of Kiwi Valley Farm Park.  Together they have huge vision for Kiwi Valley Farm Park and want to promote a safe, fun and hands on interactive learning experience, not only for children, but for adults too!         



Kat was raised in the Far North. She grew up around pigs, chickens and other various farm animals but never had a real opportunity to work with them. For the last 6 years she managed an area of West Wave Pool and Leisure where she found her passion for customer service (while raising 3 children, who all now volunteer at the farm). Kat was fortunate enough to serve as a member of Auckland women’s rugby league and obtained player of the year in 2010. Kat is definitely not one to back out of a challenge and that is why she thrives from running the farm as it is such a diverse role and no one day is the same. Out on the farm you will see Kat running birthday parties and taking you for a ride on the tractor, as well as assisting with your needs while at our activities.


Front of House

Born on the quaint and eccentric Waiheke Island, Sophie grew up with an array of interesting animals from a pink galah to axolotls and chinchillas. Sophie moved to the ‘main land’ where she has had a long history in customer service and hospitality, and is also a qualified Massage Therapist. Feeling right at home at Kiwi Valley, you will usually find Sophie at the front desk dealing with admissions, taking your bookings and helping you organise your birthday parties. When she’s not at the farm, you will find Sophie at the beach (summer or winter!), writing poetry, travelling or doing yoga.



Born and raised in Henderson Valley, Sian has fond memories of her first horse riding lessons at Kiwi Valley when she was 8 years old. Sian continued riding throughout her childhood and into her teenage years, owning her own horse and attending Pony Club. For much of the last five years Sian has lived in Northern California, managing an Equestrian Program for a children’s Summer Camp. Sian loves to facilitate any kind of connection between people and horses, if you aren’t quite ready for a ride she will happily show you how to pat the horses or tell you some fun facts about the members of our herd. When she’s not at the farm you will find her at the beach, camping, hiking or a combination of all three.



Donald was born and raised in West Auckland in a fun home with his two-family dogs, Milo and Bella.  This is where his love for animals started.  When Donald was in high school (during the school holidays) he was afforded the opportunity to go and work for his cousin on their dairy farm just outside of Te Aroha.  Donald absolutely loves people.  He has been a youth group leader for the past 6 years and worked at a local high school as a senior ground’s keeper for just over 12 months before moving on to do lawn and garden maintenance for a friend’s small business.  Since working on his cousin’s farm all those years ago you could say that Donald has developed a taste for the lifestyle.  Donald has always wanted to get back into it and has now managed to tick all of the boxes when it comes to his dream job, – working on a farm in West Auckland where he gets to interact with people and have fun. When Donald is not at the farm you will find him either at the beach or enjoying some time ‘going bush’.


Job Vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies at Kiwi Valley Farm.

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